Retrofitting an existing building or residence for fire protection can be a hassle in the wrong hands — or a breeze when Central States takes charge. We can upgrade your facilities quickly and reliably, with minimum disruption and maximum performance.

Our experienced engineers will design a system that meshes perfectly with your present interior and exterior. We take great care to preserve distinctive architectural features, and in fact have extensive experience retrofitting buildings with landmark status. And our installations can take place after hours, on weekends, whatever it takes to keep your business operating, your guests content or your family comfortable.

Of course, retrofitting a business or residence to the latest fire protection technology carries multiple benefits. Greater safety. Reduced risk. Compliance with the latest building codes. And often, reduced insurance premiums that can help your new installation rapidly pay for itself.

So whatever the age, size or construction details of your current building or residence, contact Central States and put our retrofitting experience to work for you.