Safety and Training

Central States provides all employees with the proper equipment and tools. We strive for the maximum safety within the company, but also at all job location sites. Our business is making others feel safe, and we keep that goal in mind with everything that we do. By encouraging a safe work environment, we minimize the risk of any dangers occurring within the company or on a work site.

A big part of that process involves planning ahead for each job. Not knowing what you are getting into can eventually lead to hazards and unwanted situations. Being prepared allows every possible danger to be considered so that precautions can be taken to avoid them. Once planning is done, our employees work as a team to ensure that while on the job the environment remains safe.

CSAS employees attend ongoing training courses to keep all of their certifications up to date. Being mindful of the dangers of an environment and how best to go about them in a safe way is not something that can be forgotten. By keeping our employees in these training courses, their safety instincts remain sharp and protecting themselves and others remain the top priority.